Saturday Art Workshop: Manipulation of the Image / for the exhibition New Realisms

Municipal Library of Prague, 2nd floor

Barrier-free access is provided via the entrance from Valentinská Street (elevator).


5 CZK children under age 10
20 CZK the others (children, adults, seniors, parents)
free for the GHMP Member Plus card holders

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New Realisms

Alice Lenská
T (+420) 725 811 936

Lucie Haškovcová
T (+420) 606 612 987

During the art workshops, we will present to visitors, in an interactive and creative way, the exhibition that introduces modern realist approaches in fine art and photography between 1918-1945. We will explain what the terms new and modern realisms mean and what areas of artwork fall under them. We will be inspired by the exhibited works of artists whose aim was, among other things, to capture the life of that time and its changes in connection with the development of technology, emancipation of women, the possibilities of travel, communication and entertainment. We will focus on the issue of manipulated image, disinformation, propaganda, reality vs. fiction and other topics. Through individual interaction with the works and their subsequent interpretation and discussion, we will confront and compare the many perspectives of the participants in the programme on each specific work. In addition to traditional techniques such as drawing and painting portraits and still lifes, we will also employ spatial art and a wide range of experimental approaches and combined techniques in our artistic responses. Using new media, we will try out digital drawing and painting and various image and photo manipulations using graphics software on iPads. The workshops will develop visual, information and media literacy and promote creative and critical thinking.