Open Gardens Weekend Troja Château

Troja Château

Barrier-free entrance: basement and ground floor.

zámecké zahrady


na venkovní doprovodný program zdarma
na výstavy 150 Kč / 60 Kč

Zahrady jsou volně přístupné pro všechny návštěvníky i bez nutnosti účasti na jednotlivých doprovodných aktivitách.

Změna programu vyhrazena.

Prague City Gallery and Biotroja – Center for Composting Culture will join the nationwide Open Gardens Weekend event on Sunday 13 June 2021.

As part of the all-day program, visitors can take part in three free-running workshops, choose from various types of guided tours, listen to the sounds of the surroundings through an interactive sound garden or visit the exhibitions Uncertain Season and Stone Treasures of Prague Gardens in Troja Château or the installation of Kateřina Šedá Dancing Museums.

Guided tours about the history and concept of the garden will take place at 1 pm and 5 pm with Kateřina Osecká. At 3 pm guided tour of the animals and plants of the chateau garden will be carried out by Marie Steinerová.

The program will be complemented by two acoustic music performances:

At 2 pm, Petr Korbelář and Jan Kotulán
The Duo Korbelář / Kotulán plays soft organic acoustic music, music that flows in space and time. The tones and irregular rhythmic figures of the capodaster guitar are a subsoil for the sound of Indian bamboo flute Bansuri which growths in melodic textures. Duration and selection of songs reacts to the environment and tuning of listeners and performers. They feature as a duo, sometimes with other musicians, such as Petr Nikl.

4 pm Hearn Gadbois – Perkuse
Hearn Gadbois is an artist whose skill set works hard to keep up with his curiosity and imagination. As a percussionist, composer for dance and film, instrument designer/ builder, session musician and teacher, his path has crossed those of Yoko Ono, Patti Smith, The Master Musicians of Jajouka, and Wim Wenders, to name but a few. He grew up in Minneapolis, grew more in New York, and currently resides, still growing, in Prague.

Throughout the day, it will be possible to visit a workshop where participants will learn how to create insect dwellings, which they can then hang in their own garden.

Another daylong workshop during which visitors will be able to try working with ceramic clay and natural materials, spatial and textile creation, experimental jewellery and flower arrangements.

What kind of animal is that? Listen to an interactive sound garden in Troja.
As we walk around the Troja neighborhood, you can use a mobile application to look for and listen to the sounds of animals: insects, birds, and other creatures. Some of them you might also hear in real life from the nearby botanical garden or zoo. Just scan the QR code with your phone and and the Sonicgarden database will automatically open application from the site