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Jana Smrčková
Partnership Manager, Member & Patron Program
T (+420) 778 710 688

MgA. Karla Hlaváčková
Marketing Manager, Events
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Pavla Kosař and her guests Jana Bernartová and Robert Mečkovský

The Member Channel is a new program that presents a pleasant online session with selected guests over a glass or a mug for viewers and listeners from among GHMP Members and Members Plus. From September to June, the series offers a peek under the hood of the art world on the second Tuesday of each month. The first year will be devoted to acquisitions – the making of a collection, whether public or private, from all angles. We aim to achieve this by inviting artists, private and public gallerists, as well as collectors, curators and theorists. With this idea in mind, we will feature guests such as Magdalena Juříková, Krištof Kintera, Valerie Dvořáková, Pavla Kosař, Aleksandra Vajd, Konstantina Hlaváčková, Kacha Kastner, Čestmír Vančura, Jiří Kovanda and Marie Foltýnová, who are free to choose their interviewees.

This episode will be broadcast in Czech.

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