Light Underground – Unfinished system

Stone Bell House

The building is not barrier-free.

Object is not barrier free.


adults 80 CZK
children and students 50 CZK
children under 10 years free

Important warning:
the production is accompanied by stroboscopic effects, which can cause discomfort in sensitive individuals, and in epilepsy, they can cause an epileptic seizure.

The vaults of the Stone Bell House, hidden in the heart of Prague, will light up for several weeks in summer thanks to the new program Light Underground – a light art intervention combined with dance performances. The Romanesque and Gothic vaults will thus start the dialogue with contemporary art forms.

Marie Gourdain, French artist, stage designer, director and choreographer, Hana Polanská Turečková, choreographer that often interconnects contemporary design and art, and light designer Zuzana Režná prepared a choreographic installation called Unfinished system. The composition is based on a pre-defined code and rules, suggested but still a bit unpredictable, and will present five dancers and musician Jan Bubák. The installation resonates with the thoughts of Georges Bataille and his (unfinishable) system of unconsciousness. “The essential part of any thought is a thought that comes from somebody else, like a brick in a wall, part of a bigger picture. We’re trying to build a shared building that can never be finished. However, its limits can cause the unpredictable.”

Singing and dancing:
Ema Katrovas
Matylda Habartová, Adéla Voldrábová, Veronika Ghisi a Anna Šefrnová