Light Underground – Pod prahy (Below the Tresholds)

Stone Bell House

The building is not barrier-free.

Object is not barrier free.


adults 80 CZK
children and students 50 CZK
children under 10 years free

The vaults of the Stone Bell House, hidden in the heart of Prague, will light up for several weeks in summer thanks to the new program Light Underground – a light art intervention combined with dance performances. The Romanesque and Gothic vaults will thus start the dialogue with contemporary art forms.

The narrative performances of dancer and choreographer Nataša Novotná, light designer Pavla Beranová and composer, lyrics writer and singer Vladivojna La Chia are called Pod prahy (Below the Thresholds).  “Our story is woven out of motion, music, and light. In a space where the outer world seldom enters, unknown yet faintly familiar. Just step down a few stairs and we’ll give you a tour through the place that has been there for centuries, yet it’s unique in any given second,” that’s how the authors describe their work. Vladivojna La Chia composed brand new music for this unusual opportunity, wrote the lyrics, and will sing live during the performance.