Guided tour of the František Bílekʼs House in Chýnov

František Bílekʼs House in Chýnov

The building is not barrier-free.

Download the audio guide to the birthplace of František Bílek and the Chýnov cemetery with his works. The guide with commentary by curator Martin Krummholz is in Czech and English and can be downloaded for free.



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On Sunday 5th September 2021 you can explore the František Bílekʼs village house in Chýnov near Tábor. This guided visit will introduce you the life and work of František Bílek (1872−1941), who occupies the foremost position in Czech art of the Symbolism era, not only as an architect but also an author of applied arts, graphic artist, illustrator and religious thinker. During the visit we will focus on works displayed in the permanent exhibition, Bílek’s sources of inspiration or his contribution to book culture.

The guided visit will start at 12.00 and will take approximately 1 hour. Admission will be free.