Audiowalk – Dancing Museums


How to travel around a world that has been locked into small impenetrable units during a pandemic? Can we experience a piece of Prague elsewhere on the planet without leaving the confines of our own city? What does it mean to be together? How do we meet? We tried to offer our international partners from the Dancing Museums project a walk through Prague, because they could not come here in person to see us. It was all about mediating our capital so that people could experience it anywhere in the world. It is a parallel city guide.

How to do it? You can start the Audiowalk wherever you are, whether in any part of Prague, in a park, in the woods or anywhere else. Just follow the instructions and directions of your guide. All you need is a phone and headphones.

The English-language guide addresses the international community of Dancing Museums, for which it was originally intended. We believe you can enjoy it too and that maybe you will see Prague a little differently than you are used to.

The work we offer you to listen to is one of the outputs created in June 2020. Dancer Tereza Ondrová has prepared an unconventional adventure walk along the Royal Way, which passes through the historical centre of Prague, following the buildings of the Prague City Gallery. Audiowalk connects these gallery buildings while also allowing you to see the most important sights of Prague, but in a slightly unusual way.

European research project Dancing Museums – The Democracy of Beings (2018–2021) connects gallery and dance institutions and explores the boundaries of museum and dance institutions, the boundaries between spectator and visitor. Among other things, the project focuses on how these two different disciplines can be beneficial and how they can enrich each other. For three years, artists, dance organizations, galleries, museums and academics from seven European countries have been participating in this extraordinary research. In the Czech context, these are the Prague City Gallery, the Tanec Praha z.ú. organization and dancer Tereza Ondrová.

With the financial support of the Creative Europe program and Prague City Hall

Guide: Tereza Ondrová
Concept, script and editing: Tereza Ondrová, Nina Jacques a Dominik Žižka
Production: Katarína Ďuricová
Producer: Tanec Praha z.ú.
Project partner: Prague City Gallery