Art workshop for adults and seniors / integration and intergenerational programme: Recording in Painting / for the exhibition Jitka Svobodová: Beyond the Edge of the Visible

Colloredo-Mansfeld Palace

The building is not barrier-free.

Sub A (Staroměstská station)
trams n. 2, 17, 18 (Karlovy lázně or Staroměstská stop)

Education center



Limited capacity, reservations required

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Jitka Svobodová: Beyond the Edge of the Visible

Eva Pejchalová
external lecturer – workshops for seniors
T (+420) 721 328 021

The art workshops will be dedicated to the exhibiting artist’s artistic work and will reflect her areas of interest – drawing, painting and spatial creation.

In the first series of interactive workshops, entitled Drawing Everyday Objects, we will focus on common objects from our immediate environment, such as books, dishes, light bulbs, tables, chairs, windows, envelopes and paper. We will work with pencil or pastel on a paper base. In creating the artwork, we will focus on drawing a study of our chosen subjects as well as on reducing, stylising and minimising objects for artistic representation, breaking away from the traditional notion of linear perspective.

In a series of workshops entitled Recording in Painting, we will focus on painting techniques, such as painting with watercolours or acrylics on a paper base. Thematically, we will focus on motifs of flowers, plants, clouds and smoke. We will work on the selected themes on the border between reality and abstraction. We will also focus on the expressive possibilities of primary colours (yellow, blue and red) and will also look at the interplay of lines and areas of colour.

In the final series of workshops, entitled Sculptures and Reliefs, we will focus on expressing the movement, fragility and structure of selected motifs. Thematically, we will respond to the artist’s subjects (trees, clouds, smoke, an eye or a window) and will also aim to capture natural processes (e.g. a tree in the wind). We will create 3D sculptures using wire, or low reliefs using different types of paper and cardboard, which we will then use to create paper sculpture prints.


This programme is designed not only for adults and seniors, but also for their children and grandchildren as part of an intergenerational encounter. The workshops are also open to foreign visitors.