Antonín Brinda / performance

Císařský ostrov




You are cordially invited to a slow site-specific performance by Antonín Brinda inspired by Císařský ostrov. It is part of his long-term artistic research focused on the articulation of public space (mainly urban outskirts and the city transport infrastructure) in the form of a performative event.

The event is part of the program of an IPR exhibition project about the past and future of Trojská river basin “Touch the River”.

Start on the bridge connecting Císařský ostrov and Stromovka here (50.11096 14.41795)


Antonín Brinda is a Czech artist currently living in Prague. He works in the media of performance-, urban-, walking- and body-art. He creates minimalist, conceptual works through which he explores areas such as urbanism, transport infrastructure, political geography or international mobility. To balance out more serious themes, he also devotes himself to more personal performances. He has studied various art and art-theoretical disciplines in the Czech Republic and abroad. Apart from his artistic activities, he is also an organizer/curator of art events and festivals.