Program and news

Troja2_1000 online / Dawn / 2. 5. 2021 4.30–6 am
Live broadcast during the dawn on Sunday, May 2, 2021. Not only the sounds of dawn in the garden of Troja Château, but also excerpts from the all-day global radio project Reveil will be broadcast. The event, organized for the eighth year in a row, offers listening to the soundscapes of dawn on May Day.
1592470835-pb022647a-920x99999_640-400 Night Flyers at the Garden of Troja Château / 1st July 2020
This event was focused on the subject of art, entomology, and the mysterious realm of moths, butterflies, and beetles. All with a concert of lyre music.
Troja zahrada_1_1 Open Gardens Weekend at Troja Château / 6.–7. 6. 2020
The first Bio Troja event for the public. A two-day program for the entire family (workshops, guided tours, walking tours, concerts, and art performances).
1593180147-trojaqrkodok-920x99999_640-400 Listen here
The Troja interactive Sound Garden – Radio
What kind of animal is that? Listen to an interactive sound garden in Troja.

As we walk around the Troja neighborhood, you can use a mobile application to look for and listen to the sounds of animals: insects, birds, and other creatures. Some of them you might also hear in real life from the nearby botanical garden or zoo.
1 Acoustic Ocean / 21. 4.–30. 4. 2021
Bio-diversity is the curated program within the Bio Troja project, where we will for certain period point to selected audiovisual works related to the context of art and ecology. These videos are published with the consent of authors and provided with an accompanying text introduction. The first chapter of four pieces was curated by Miloš Vojtěchovský.

Please view with headphones, as Acoustic Ocean is also a sound piece.